Chapter 1 How the Story Began
The Beginning
It was the beginning of a beautiful day on the prairie, and the herd of 
horses was contentedly eating the lush spring grass. The first light cast 
a bright glow as the sun began to rise on the horizon and glanced off the 
horsesí backs. As the sun appeared, the glow increased and the horses 
were outlined in a sudden blaze of light. In a matter of minutes the sun,
 in full view, shed light on every dark shadow and the day had begun.
               Among the herd was a mare expecting her first foal. The mare 
watched as the other horses moved to find the tender grass. It was a 
peaceful view. The horses moved quietly together in what seemed like 
a single motion. Only the soft sounds of occasionally blowing through 
their noses and the swishing of tails could be heard. The horsesí only 
concern at this moment was to eat the lush green grass fast enough. 
As they grazed, they picked only the tender shoots.
. Chapter 3 The Rolling Hills Equestrian School
The School

The Rolling Hills Equestrian School riding camp was started to give

children a chance to spend the summer vacation in the country with

horses. Beside the camp program for young people, the school had

a program for rescued horses. Many horses came to the farm because

they had been rescued or donated. The youths attending the camp pro-

gram learned not only riding skills but took formal classes to learn how

to take care of horses.


Chapter 4 The Young Filly In Danger
A Small Filly in Need of Help

Unknown to the farm community, right at the edge of where the farm

and the open land met, a small horse was in desperate need of help. The

filly was nearing the end of her strength. If she didnít get help soon

there would be no way for her to survive.

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